Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Where are the studios located?

Our Studios will be located at the graduation venue. Appropriate signs leading the way will be set up in the gowning area.

When are your studios open?

Our studios are open two hours before the graduation ceremony and close about an hour after the last ceremony of the day has finished.

Do I need to book a studio time?

Due to the nature of the day, it is impossible to offer a booking system. We operate on a first come first serve basis so it is advisable to arrive early. It tends to get busy just before and just after a ceremony. It also tends to get busy in between ceremonies held on the same day, so be aware.If you wish to book kindly go on

When is the best time to have my photos taken?

The studios tend to get busy just before and just after the Graduation ceremony. It is also likely to get busy in between ceremonies held on the same day. The quietest time to go is as soon as the studios open or alternatively when another ceremony is commencing.

If I go to your studios before my ceremony I won't have my certificate. Will you provide me with one?

Yes we will provide you with a dummy scroll for the photos. I did not have any studio portraits taken, I was only photographed on stage. Can I view and purchase my Handshake/Stage photograph? Yes you can see them on this web site

Do I have to order the Presentation Photograph before the ceremony?

No - where we offer this service, we attempt to take a photograph of everyone as they cross the stage, so you can still order your photograph after the event. Due to the nature of this particular photograph, we cannot guarantee the quality of the composition.

Do we need to know the date of your Graduation?

No. We will be at the University of Malta . The graduate can simply attend our studios at a time convenient for them.

How much will my photos cost?

Full price list will be available later on.

I Need to edit my photograph, are their any charges?

Yes, a basic fee of EUR 10.00 is charged, but it could be more depending on the type of editing, in which case a quote will be issued beforehand.

I would like to order my photographs, but the deadline date has passed. Is it still possible to order?

Yes - it is still possible to order your photographs. Any photographs ordered after the three month deadline date has passed incur an extra charge.

Can I pay for my order using Revolut or BOV Mobile Banking?

Kindly call us on 99494505 or write a email on , as only pay pal is accepted on line it accepts any credit Cards.

What happens if I cancel my order after I have paid?

If the order has not be printed we will refund you the amount less a Euro10.00 administration charge. If the editing and printing process has started, however, we cannot accept cancellation of the order.

What is considered an Unsuccessful Photograph?

All graduates are photographed on stage whilst shaking hands with the Rector. As we are not permitted to interrupt the official ceremony to re-shoot the subject, we are unable to guarantee the outcome of each photo. but all is done to ensure that the photograph is taken at the right time and at the right angle. Unsuccessful photographs and/or digital images must fulfill either of the following criteria list below:

  • 1) Subject has eyes closed.
  • 2) Incorrect subject angle.
  • 3) Camera or flash malfunction.

Any photographs and/or digital images that do not fall within the above categories will be judged on a case-by-case basis.

The final decision remains at our studio's discretion. All Photos and/or digital images returned by the customer to our studio are non refundable (This includes return postage and packaging, travel, courier or any other expense incurred). Our maximum liability for any photographs and/or digital images deemed unsuccessful for any reason will not exceed the amount paid by the customer at the time of ordering their photographs and/or digital image. Please direct all inquiries relating to a request to:

I'm having trouble finding my Handshake or Stage photo online?

After typing in your password, click on the time of your ceremony, you will then be able to view all Handshake / Stage photographs from your entire ceremony. Scroll through all pages and images to locate your photo. Click on your photo to view and to view pricing. To order your photo, please follow the onscreen instructions on every page. If you still cannot find your handshake photo, please email us the details on and we will find it for you, All photos are listed according to the list of names in the booklet provided by the University.

Will it be possible to view the Presentation photos online?

Yes, the photos normally are loaded on to the website on the next day but can take slightly longer during peak season.

Please visit the graduation section to see if your photos have been uploaded at

Is it possible to receive my order by post?

Yes - we can mail your photographs to you by registered mail. There is a €7.50 postage charge.

Is it possible to order photos for other students?

No - Due to data protection laws, an order will be considered valid if it contains the photos of one student. This restriction does not apply to photos in the Mass and General categories.

When can I expect to receive my prints?

Please allow three weeks' delivery for your prints after you have placed your order. Also we are closed for Christmas Holidays.

What if my photographs have been damaged in the mail?

We are not resposible for any damages done in the post , but should you not receive them kindly contact us and we will trace them for you as all post will be sent via registered mail.

I have not received my photos and It's been over 6 weeks. What do I do?

If your payment has been approved, then you should have your photographs within 4 weeks at the very latest. If you have not received your photographs, please contact our studio at 193 Old Bakery Str Valletta or by sending an email to or call on Tel. No. 21240441 to check when your photographs where despatched from our studio. In most instances, if no one is at home when the photographs are delivered or the photographs are too large to fit in your letter box, your local post office will leave you a small note advising you to collect your package from your local post office. If we have posted your photos to you, you may be asked to check at your local post office first to see if they are waiting for you to collect, or otherwise, your package should be returned to our studio, and then we will contact you.

What is 360 video booth?

360 photo booths are actually video booths featuring a camera on a long metal arm that rotates around a platform where guests stand, pose, or dance. The end result is a video—either slow motion video, boomerang, or a regular video—that looks GLAM, like it was shot by a professional Hollywood studio.